Shrub & Hedge Trimming and Removal

Need a hedge trimmed?  Don’t have the right equipment?

We have the right tools, ladders and crew to get this done for you!



The crew can come out and cut and shape them down to the height you want and need. When you meet with our estimator, tell them what height you would like it at so they can notify the crew that will come to do the work.  We recommend putting some sort of a marker  (spray paint or ribbons) on the hedge or shrubs at the height you want them taken down to so you know where it will be shaped down to.


We also have the ability to remove  them fully for you if they don’t fit your landscape needs are dying/dead or are no longer what you want in that place.


During a removal, the crew will chip up everything that can go through the chipper, and will leave any firewood sized pieces behind for you, cut into 16″ lengths. Typically most of the hedges and shrubs go completely through the chipper and you will be left with just a stump in the ground.


When we remove them, there is also an option to remove the stumps, which leaves you the option to replant there if you would like or to just leave it to have nothing left there.  If you would like the stumps ground, please let our estimator know and then take a look at our stump grinding page so you know what to expect when they are taken out.