Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is easy and affordable with Buena Vista Arbor Care Co.  

How do we take care of your stumps? We have two options!

When our estimator comes out to do a bid for a tree removal, he will also give you an estimate right at the time of your bid so it is all in one!


If you have a stump that needs ground and no tree work, give us a call and we can give you a price over the phone! It is that easy!

Life cycle of stump grinding with Buena Vista Arbor Care Company:
1. Call our office to get a price.
2. Mark your yard where septic, irrigation, or anything 
else underground we need to know about that you know about.
3. We will call the locating service. 
4. The locate company will come to your property and mark all underground utilities.  (Within 3 days)
5. A friendly BVAC Inc. employee comes to grind your stump.

stump 2

This is the stump grinder removing a stump.


Stump 4

No stump too large. We will chase the root system as far out as you would like.



These are the stump grindings that will be left when we grind the stump. We can remove these stump grinding at an additional cost, please let us know if you want to have the grindings removed so we can remove them at the time of the grind for your convenience.