Wood Removal

During a tree removal, the crew will chip up everything that will fit into the chipper.  If there is wood left over, it is cut up to 16″ lengths. Sometimes the pieces are so large that we require a crane to remove it.  Vernon will discuss this with you if that is the case.  There are a few ways you can have it removed if you do not want it nor have a reason to keep it.


Have us remove it

For us to remove the wood, we do charge for that.  It can vary in cost based on how much there is and if additional trucks are required to be brought in to remove it.  When we give you an estimate, we will also give you the cost of how much it will be to remove the wood.


This is an example of a log that was too large to remove by hand and required a crane to remove.



Call a Wood Share Program

Each county and city has different programs that will come to remove the wood. The most common are The Gleaners, Helping Hands, Habitat for Humanity and The Boy Scouts of America.  We recommend calling one of these groups to have the wood removed as they typically do it for free and you can receive a tax deduction for it.


Call your friends

You would be surprised how many people you know that would use the firewood you have for their house, their backyard fire pit, their parents house or a camping trip they know they will taking during the camping season.  We have had many clients post on Facebook that they will have firewood from their tree removal and their friends were ecstatic to get some.  It is a win-win for both of you!