Tree Removal

Should you remove your tree?cartoon tree removal

Simply getting rid of a tree just because you do not want it could be considered to be a faux pas. Given the importance of trees in the world, any tree that is removed should be seriously considered , and only removed if it has to be. When a tree does need to come down, Buena Vista Arbor Care donates 10 trees for every tree we remove.  The program, 1 DOWN, 10 IN THE GROUND, started in 2010 and continues to a popular program today.  Below are common GOOD reasons for tree removal:


  • Dead or clearly dying – Sometimes trees can die off, and while they can stay standing for years afterward, there is always the risk that as the tree slowly rots from the inside out that it will fall without warning.
  • Diseased without Remedy – Just like people, trees can get sick. Often they can be treated to remove the diseased areas or cure the problem, but sometimes that is not possible. If the disease has spread unnoticed, or is severe enough, the tree is beyond help and to stop the problem spreading the tree has to be removed.
  • Storm Damage – The weather does not respect anything in its path, and wind or ice can remove branches, or uproot the trunk. If Tree Pruning would not be enough to save the tree from this damage, then it will have to come down before it harms anything.
  • Dangerous or Hazardous Growth – Trees like to grow, and this can put them in conflict with the man-made world. Trees near power lines, roads or homes can be a real danger, and if pruning is not a solution then you will have to call us to remove it.
  • Risk of Causing Significant Damage – Roots grow to find moisture, and in the process can damage sidewalks, driveways, foundations and underground utilities.
  • Aesthetics – There are times when looks will sadly have to take priority over the life and usefulness of a tree. If you should have to remove a tree, it is always a good idea to replace it with the right tree in the right place.


Of course, these are not the only reasons for needing a tree removed – but are common ones.  Most importantly when it comes to tree removals, there is no substitute for an ISA certified Arborist.