Small brush piles

Brush pile

We chip fallen and broken limbs, branches, and whole trees at an hourly rate. Small chip piles (seen above) can be done quickly but all jobs start at a minimum dollar amount any where from $225.00 to $295.00. For small jobs like this we suggest having an estimate to have other tree or shrub work done on the property while we are already there with our equipment.  More bang for your buck!

Large brush piles

We are asked all the time what the cost is to dispose of large piles of stumps after you’ve just cleared your property.  The theory is you save a a lot of money to just have the back hoe pull them out instead of stump grinding them.  But what stump pilehappens when the back hoe is packed up and gone?  You have options…burn the pile (if you’re allowed to), hire a back hoe and disposal dump truck and pay to dump them, or hire a really expensive machine called a tub grinder to grind it all up.  The lesson here is have the trees felled and the stumps ground up.