Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Payment FAQs

How will I be billed?

We prefer to bill you via email.  You will receive an email from our office with the invoice attached as a PDF. If you would prefer, we can still send it to you via your mailing address.

How do I pay my bill?

We have two options for bill pay.  You can send us a check to our Independence Office or pay by PayPal with a credit or debit card. The link to our PayPal system is on the right side of this page under "Make a Payment", or you can visit our Payment Page Here.

If you need to pay by another way, please contact our office and discuss that with them directly.

Why do you need my email?

It is simple, we use email to cut down on paper! It is time and tree efficient for us to send you your bill for any work done via email so you get it directly and don't have to wait for it to come in the mail.

We also use email to correspond with estimates so you have a typed up copy version of it. We do not use your email for purpose of spam, selling it to companies or any other reasoning.


Pruning and Tree Removal FAQs

What happens with the limbs that you cut?

We chip all of the limbs that come off of the trees that we prune or remove and it is included in the bid.  They go through the chipper and we take the chips away.  If you are interested in the chips from those limbs that are chipped up, please let us know at the time of estimate and we can leave them behind for you!

Do you remove the wood from my tree removal?

The short answer: we remove wood for an additional fee.    

The long answer: the crew will chip up everything that can go into the chipper.  What is left that doesn't go through the chipper is then cut into 16" lengths.  If you need a different length cut, please discuss this with Vernon prior to the work being done.  If you do not want the wood, again we can remove it for an additional fee or you can call a wood share program to come and take the wood away at no cost to you.

Wood Removal Page

Who should I call if I don’t want the wood that is left over from my tree removal?

We recommend calling a wood share program, like the Gleaners, Helping Hands or a Boy Scout troop.  Each county and city has their own version of these types of programs.

Wood Removal Page

How does Stump Grinding work?

If you visit our page on stump grinding, it will give you a detailed description (and pictures!) explaining how it works!

Stump Grinding


Schedule FAQs

How do estimates work?

Estimates can be scheduled by calling our office.  The ladies in the office will have Vernon's schedule on hand and can give you an estimated time for him to come out to look at your trees that works for both your schedule and Vernon's.

How far out is your schedule?

Our schedule depends on multiple factors, the best way to find out how far we are out is to get Vernon to come out to take a look at the job so we know the parameters of the job and we can give you a more accurate time frame.

How long is the estimate good for?

Our estimates are good for six months

How do I schedule work I want done?

After Vernon has come out to give you an estimate, feel free to call the office (if they haven't called you first!) and have your calendar ready so we can establish what is the best date that works for you.

How long will the work take to be done?

The time that the job takes to complete is based on numerous factors.  When Vernon comes out to give you an estimate, he can give you a time estimate for how long the crew will be there.

What time will the crew be at my house?

If you are the first job on their schedule for the day, they typically will be to your house between 8:00 am and 9:00 am.  If you are their second job, the time they arrive will vary.  If you want them to be there at a certain time, the best option is to ask to be their first job of the day. It is also important to remember that you do not have to be home for them to complete the job.

Do you work year round in all weather?

We do work year round.  Most of the Oregon weather that we get does not hinder us from working.  The exception being snow and flooding.  If there is a weather dependent condition with your property or a good time of year to do the work, Vernon will discuss that with you at the time of the estimate.

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