Bi-product Recycling

Wood Chips

wood chips in hardWant Wood Chips or to learn more about their benefits?

  • Saves labor – no weeding, less time watering
  • Saves water – far less watering is needed and there is more water absorption
  • Safer – no need for chemical weed killers or herbicides
  • Stimulates growth – mulched trees grow faster than unmulched trees
  • Makes trees more resistant to disease and insects
  • Keeps soil and roots from overheating in hot summers
  • Eliminates injury to trunk from mower collisions
  • Reduces soil compaction on roots
  • Nourishes the soil by adding nutrients as it decomposes
  • Eliminates the need for tilling and resultant root injury
  • Increase in earthworm population resulting in better aeration
  • Reduces bruising of fallen fruit under fruit trees


Oil Recycling

Oil recycling

Every last drop of the oil we use is recycled to provide heat for the Buena Vista Arbor Care workshop.  Nothing goes to waste.


Wood Recycling

wood gleaners

We donate THOUSANDS of dollars each year to our local charities to help keep families warm during the winter months.  You can too.  Would you like to donate your tax deductible wood from a tree removal?



Diesel Engines

Isuzu truck

Diesel does get more fuel economy than gasoline, and not by a slim margin. Diesel is more than 33% more efficient than gasoline is when it comes to your fuel mileage. This means if you were to get for example, 30 miles to the gallon, a diesel equivalent engine would get 40 miles per gallon. Diesel needs to be run through a diesel engine, and diesel engines offer more torque than a gasoline engine. Torque allows for great acceleration, which also accounts for the great fuel economy numbers.


Christmas Tree Recycling

Tree RecyclingAs a company, every year our employees volunteer their time to chip THOUSANDS of Christmas trees for non profits and for fundraiser held all around the state.  If you would like more information about this service for your event or non profit, please contact us.

BONUS: Is when you find cool ornaments on the trees people forgot to take off!!!