Commercial clients are a large and important part of our business. We provide many different services for a variety of locations - examples include:

Apartment Buildings

People need trees and you have got lots of people living in your apartments.  They need to see leaves from their windows, sit in safe green spaces, appreciate the way snow lands on the branches, hear the sound they make, and to play in the shade they provide.  Trees draw people to YOUR property more than other properties without trees swaying in the front court yard or growing along the road there to greet your resident’s home from a long day.  Your investment into planting and maintaining healthy trees will forge relationships, nurture children, and build a sense of community where people will not want to move away-saving you money!

All over this state we have seen the pressure most property managers are under to get the most for their buck.  Buena Vista Arbor Care Co., Inc. will do its best to work with your budget or help convey to the property owners of your building, who might be sipping margaritas on their yacht or golfing in Southern California, how important it is to spend a little extra money and hire a professional tree care company instead of a guy with an old truck and a rented chipper with no insurance.

Additionally, our apartment building customers get priority when there is a storm, a discount on tree replanting, and scheduling preference.  Give us a quick call today to schedule a FREE estimate.


There are three things we know for sure when it comes to working with you...

1) The job must move forward quickly = time is money
2) Nothing is more irritating than being held up over trees
3) Working with certain planning and building departments (and we all know who the difficult ones are - wink wink!) can prove to be frustrating

This is where the reputation, experience, and the crew profiles of Buena Vista Arbor Care Co., Inc. shine. We have multiple crews that work year round to get to your job site within days and sometimes just hours. We have years of extensive experience working with each and every building and planning departments in our areas and stay up to date on the newest building codes and tree preservation requirements.

We prefer for you to go through our office system where our Office Manager is usually there to answer your call Monday through Friday. Again, we know how important time is of the essence. Give us a call!


Oregon cemeteries continue to trust Buena Vista Arbor Care Co., Inc. Trees at a cemetery are very important for many reasons. They mark where a love one rests, provides much needed summer shade for people and habitat for animals, not to mention a sense of beauty and grandeur.

Caretakers from Cemeteries all over Oregon have entrusted our professional climbers to work with respect and diligence around arguably the most precious grounds within our cities. We recommend meeting one on one with a senior arborists on site to discuss the grounds and future management of the cemetery. When tree hazards need to be recognized before they fail, Buena Vista Arbor Care Co., is your company.

Golf Courses

At Buena Vista Arbor Care Company we take great pride in the work we do for the Golf Courses and Country Clubs in our areas. We take the time to discuss future plans with each superintendent of the course. Whether your course is on the beautiful Oregon Coast or in a more dry area like the breathtaking Bend, Oregon we understand each course has its own budget and innate problems such as disease and insects. We have a plethora of information regarding tree care programs for golf courses here.

Homeowners' Associations

One of the most controversial issues that face a homeowner association is tree removal. While there are many practical reasons to remove trees, some residents take a deeply personal interest in their fate. It is the Practical versus the Emotional. Let’s explore the dynamics of this phenomena.

In a new homeowner association development, the developer often selects trees for visual appeal, rapid growth and ease of maintenance. The trees are young and occupy a relatively small area. Over time, these trees do what trees do, get bigger and denser. With size comes maintenance problems like:

  • Tree debris that clogs the gutters
  • Branches that damage roof and siding
  • Branches that obscure security lighting or vision, a safety issue
  • Overcrowding that promotes plant and tree diseases
  • Roots in the sewer lines that causes backups and flooding
  • Shading that promotes moss and algae growth
  • Tree roots that lift sidewalks or crack asphalt
  • Trees that block views

So, you have a resident that complains of debris in the gutters and lobbies for removal is often countered by another that loves looking at the lush foliage. And let’s face it, trees don’t happen overnight. There are those that feel that killing such an enduring life form is morally wrong and that people should adapt to the changing tree environment.

This is where the professional consulting arborists at Buena Vista Arbor Care Co. comes in. We are Switzerland and only speak for each tree. From there, we can give our advice on how to prioritize tree work to fit a budget. It is important to get our recommendations in writing. It costs a bit more but having the information documented is priceless. Also, if you are taking this information to the Board, you have proof you’ve hired an ISA certified arborist to inspect and make written recommendations about the trees in question. This step is invaluable since the Board now has “expert” input into the process that often offers alternatives to removal.


Hospital grounds are some of our favorite places to work.  We have been working with hospital grounds keepers for years and would love the opportunity to work for you.  If you would like a FREE quote at your hospital, clinic, or other medical facility, please call our office for a free quote.

Oregon Department of Transportation

We have worked with ODOT on multiple projects, give us a call to get our estimator out there to establish what you need done!


Railroads are where commerce and beauty meet. That is, until a tree or vegetation puts a stop to it. Buena Vista Arbor Care can help you avoid this kind of trouble by hazard tree inspections on an annual basis or strike quickly to do clean-up so trains can move again.

We give FREE estimates on tree work and clean-up.

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers and trees have always gone well together. They provide shade in the summer, ambiance, depth and richness to the area and real value to the land. We know what’s important when caring for these trees.

The main things that most centers want are: Vehicle clearance, light clearance, signage clearance and to have the trees pruned for traffic safety & customer safety. All of these things we can accomplish without disfiguring the trees and taking away the reason you are keeping them.

If you would like to meet with our Consulting Arborist to talk about managing your property, please give our office a call.

 Don't see your type of commercial building? Give us a call and we can work with you to get us out there!